Rooftop Gardens

In this time of increased awareness of the impact of man-made structures on the natural environment, landscape solutions are no longer confined to the ground level of a building site. Rooftop gardens and green roof technologies have opened the way to extend the canvas for landscape design to the tops of the structures themselves.

There are many advantages to installing a rooftop garden. A “living roof” creates private spaces high above the congestion of the busy, ground level urban spaces. Along with the aesthetic and human benefits green roofs provide, they also have practical advantages that are very important in maintaining environmental balance as our population grows. Properly designed green roofs provide increased insulation for buildings, reduce storm water run-off, reduces the urban heat island effect and greatly improve air quality.

BrownWoods has gained valuable experience installing a green roof garden using the latest technologies for The Hendrick House on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana, IL. If you would like to increase your access to private outdoor green space, are going for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification, or simply want to “go green” with your next building project, contact us today so we can put our green roof experience to work for you.


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